Welcome to Ambrosia Food Creations

We are a Sydney based studio specialising in traditional foods, stunning and delicious cakes, desserts, bread, pasta and so much more!
Offering speciality cakes for all occasions, professional catering and platters, private chef services for such events as: morning teas, baby showers, birthdays, kids parties, engagements, and weddings. 


Customise your order and see your culinary dreams come true! We make everything to your taste and vision!

Our Products

Special filled croissants Sweet and Savoury

Special Filled Croissant

Traditional Cannoli

Traditional Cannoli

Custom Cakes

Custom made Cake

Gluten free sourdough

Gluten Free Sourdough

Signature Cupcakes

Our Signature Cupcakes

Custom Cakes

Custom Made Cake

Banana Bread

Banana Bread


Our Recipes

Sardinian Pardulas

Sardinian Pardulas

A very ancient dessert made to order, a thin crust with a soft saffron ricotta filling inside

Signature Madcakes

Signature MadCake

For chocolate lovers, available mini, medium or whole cake (made to order)



Typical Handmade Sardinian cheese, potato and Mint Ravioli

Delicious Cakes - Ambrosia Food Creation

Delicious Cakes

Here at Ambrosia Food Creation, we believe cakes, no matter how beautifully presented, are delicious treats – meant to be savoured. Only the tastiest, quality ingredients are used. We bake from scratch, no pre-mixes… just good old fashioned butter, sugar, flour and eggs! Plus a few more traditional ingredients… We work together with you to tailor make every custom cake. From the sourcing of ingredients through to the final decoration, every cake goes through hours of thoughtful designs, precise baking and meticulous handcrafting. We only use quality whole ingredients, with recipes developed in-house to create perfectly textured and delicious cakes.

Perfect Desserts

An explosion of flavour, simply delicious! From Freshly handmade cup cakes to Traditional almond biscuits, our desserts comes with any fancy any different combinations!

Desserts - - Ambrosia Food Creation

We make everything to your taste and vision

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