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We offer a great service for Restaurant and Cafes that wants to offer something different, unique and homemade to their customers.
We specialise in Custom Wholesale, this means we create and bake up to your needs and requirements!
Pastries, Breads of all kinds, Cakes and so much more!




  • Plain Tray
  • Herbs & Garlic Tray
  • Potatoes & Onions Tray
  • Cherry Tomatoes Tray
  • Olives Tray
Ambrosia Pizza


  • Basil & Mozzarella
  • Vegan with basil (no cheese)
  • All focaccia and pizza trays come in 60cm x 40cm dimension, which can be divided in 8/10 portions. Ingredients can be customised according to your need, prices may change.

Ambrosia Bread Sourdough and rolls


  • Bread Rolls White
  • Bread Rolls Wholemeal
  • Bread Rolls
  • Pane di Casa
  • Sourdough 1kg
  • Sourdough Panini (min 10)
  • Sourdough bread can be customised according to your need. Price may change.
Ambrosia Quiche


  • Quiche mini portion 12 pcs
  • Quiche, vegetarian 20cm, 25cm
  • Quiche, with meat 20cm, 25cm
  • Ingredients can be customised according to your need, prices may change.
Cannoli Tower cakes


  • Cannoli Large
  • Cannoli Small
  • Filling available: Ricotta, Chocolate custard Vanilla custard
  • Bigne’ / Eclairs
  • Amaretti 20pcs (GF, DF)
  • Sfogliatelle Napoletane mignon baked ricotta filling
  • Code di Aragosta Large Empty
  • Code di Aragosta Large filled (Nutella, Ricotta or Custards)
  • Bombolone plain
  • Bombolone filled (Nutella, Ricotta or Custards)
  • Muffins (your favourite flavour) min 12pcs
Ambrosia Colourful Cakes

Sweets & Treats

  • Banana Bread Loaf ,+ Dates
    + Blueberries
    + Nuts
  • Banana Bread Mini Cake [gluten free available]
  • Orange & Poppy Seeds (GF, DF)
  • Brownie(GF)
  • Brownie Mini Cake(GF)
  • Cookies 30pcs
  • Filling available: Choco chips, Oats
  • Cupcakes 12pcs [gluten free available]
  • Mini Cupcakes 30pcs [gluten free available]
  • Lemon or Baked Custard Tarts 12pcs
  • Ricotta Tarts 12pcs [Chocolate and Pears available]
  • Fruit Tarts 12pcs
  • Cheesecake Mini Cakes 12pcs
  • Homemade Granola 1kg
  • Vegan & GF Slices [assorted flavours] 12 pcs
  • Protein Bars / Balls [assorted flavours] 20 pcs

Ambrosia Custom Cakes


  • Mad Cake (Chocolate Cake)
  • Ricotta Cake
  • Ricotta & Fruit Cake
  • Orange and Poppy seeds with Cheese frosting
  • Carrot Cake with Cheese frosting
  • Italian Sponge Cake filled with choice of ricotta, vanilla custard, chocolate custard, any custard and strawberries or blueberries… )* Gluten Free available
Custom soccer club cake - Ambrosia Food Creation

We make custom Cakes! Enquiry to have more choice according to your need and customer preferences!

Check out our Social for more ideas and examples!

Ambrosia Croissants


  • Italian Croissant
  • Almond Croissant
  • Chocolate Pain au Chocolate
  • Vegan Raspberry Croissant
  • Ham and Cheese Baked Croissant

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